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Pawn Rochester Looking for a pawn shop in Rochester? Drop by at U-Trade NY. We loan on various luxury watches, gold, and diamonds and we can pay top dollar for them. Call 585-621-PAWN to discuss your needs with one of our knowledgeable professionals to learn about your options in quick financing and appraisals. You can learn more about our services in our website.

When you participate in pawn transactions in Rochester, you usually have two choices of repayment, such as returning to pay the balance, and never returning and letting the pawnshop keep your item. When you choose to return to pay the balance, you are obliged to pay the loan amount, including all added fees before you hit the deadline of the loan term. This is usually one month to four months after your initial transaction. 
If you choose the second route to pay for your pawn in Rochester, you are basically letting go of the item you brought as collateral. Letting the pawnshop keep your item means losing it to them. Aside from this, however, there no other consequences to not returning to reclaim your item. There will be no collection action nor any effect on your credit report. Some shops may allow you to extend the loan period up to several months, but for more additional charges. 
U Trade NY is the go-to pawnshop in Rochester. The shop loans on all brands of high quality watches, and finds the best deals for the resale or purchase of your gold, diamonds, and other fine items. U Trade boasts a solid knowledge base from its highly experience staff, coupled with some of the most cutting edge electronic testers to ensure proper valuation of your items.
Pawn Rochester
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